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Pregnancy Tracker

The Best Pregnancy App for iOS

Stretch marks, prenatal yoga, morning sickness, crib shopping… there’s just so much to think about when you’re expecting! That’s why Pregnancy Tracker is here with engaging daily articles to relax your nerves and guide you through a safe and comfortable pregnancy.

You and Your Baby

Pregnancy Tracker was made to be helpful and informative throughout the journey you are about to share with your baby. Simple and elegant in design, it’s easy-to-use and stress-free.

Over 500 Daily Articles

There’s lots of great info in this app — all conveniently organized into each day of your pregnancy, so you always have some reading material on hand to calm your nerves. There are even articles for Dad!

You and Your Baby: Week by Week

You and your baby will go through too many changes to count in the coming weeks. Stay on top of it all with articles on what you and your baby are experiencing each week.

Keep a Pregnancy Journal

Whether you want to document this important time in your life or you just feel like you need to vent, keeping a pregnancy journal can help you stay present and more conscious of your baby’s development.

Graph It!

The data you enter in your journal — from temperature to tummy size — are graphed automatically so you can be aware of your steady progress towards the big day.