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Count down to your event – in style!

Count down to the next party, concert, vacation, graduation, gathering and other events with the fun, friendly and highly customizable Countdown app!

Anticipate, Re-live, and Share

Countdown makes counting down more exciting than it already is! Watch as it gets closer to your events, down to the seconds! Add pictures related to the events to make the experience more lively. Share your Countdown with Facebook, Twitter and/or email anytime so friends and family can stay up-to-date! In addition to counting down to future events, Countdown also counts down to anniversaries for you to re-live the magical moments!

Multiple Countdowns

Be generous with happiness, count down to all the events you’re anticipating for! Customize each one and watch as it gets closer to the moments of the events! View a palette of them and see what’s coming up next!

Make it Your Own

Enjoy the many ways to personalize Countdown and make it unique – (1) add your own background photos and turn on the slideshow feature to enjoy the animated view; (2) select the font, font colors and background colors of your choice for the countdown bar; (3) select different combo of units (year, month, week, day, minute and second, and even heartbeats!) to count down with!