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Baby Nursing

Tracking Made Easy

Problem: Superwomen need help! – Moms with newborns are super busy, moms with newborns are sleep deprived, moms with newborns are exhausted and they need helping hands! Solution: Baby Nursing app by Liif!

A Helping Hand 24/7

Moms with newborns all wish they had a 24/7 personal assistant organizing everything for them – Baby Nursing app is IT! Baby Nursing is here to lend a helping hand to organize, record and make setting a pattern for your baby’s schedule easier! Don’t let exhaustion take over you!

Stay Organized

No more headache trying to organize all the hand-written entries and worrying about lost papers and smeared ink. Baby Nursing offers a central place to store all data related to your nursing, pumping, bottle-feeding, solids-feedling, diaper, measurement-tracking, sleeping, bath time, doctor visits, medication and vaccinations!

Tap On, Tap Off

Easy as turning the light switch on and off, our real-time timers are just 1 tap away! Track nursing, pumping, sleeping and bathing sessions with our easy-to-use timers.

Health Records

Baby Nursing app is also a handy at storing and displaying health records. View growth charts, immunization list, doctor visits and medication records in one central place! (Always check with your healthcare professional for the recommended vaccinations)